Too many voices of the wrong kind

Cricket Australia’s current coaching setup needs a serious rethink.

Currently, the wrong voices are being heard and the right ones are being foolishly ignored in the Australian camp.

Nathan Lyon has been poorly managed by the current coaching staff by being given the wrong advice and direction.

Australia’s finest off-spinner, Ashley Mallett, reached out to Lyon to lend some advice and coaching, yet, Lyon has not returned Mallett’s call.

Why would a struggling Lyon not embrace advice from a man who played 38 Tests and took 132 wickets that included six five wicket hauls and career best figures of 8/59?

One past Australian test batsman believes Lyon has to many coaches worried about their job to allow Lyon to seek help from outside Cricket Australia’s official coaching setup.

Not all of Lyon’s struggles have been his own fault.

Mallett’s main long held criticism of Lyon is that he bowls too wide on the crease and recently Mark Taylor has been echoing similar sentiment in his commentary. Taylor rightly believes Lyon rushes through his deliveries and bowls too consistently fast for an off spinner.

Why aren’t these messages getting through to Lyon who has had all summer to make appropriate and needed adjustments?

It seems ego and job uncertainty in the coaching ranks is denying Lyon a fair opportunity to flourish at test level.

Perhaps, a minimalist and flexible approach should be taken in CA’s coaching setup, where an elite and small coaching unit should be selected to work full time with the Australian cricket team. Importantly, Lyon or any current Australian cricketer should be encouraged by their coaches to seek advice from the greats of the game just like other athletes do in other codes.

As German write Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote, “Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.”

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