The end

So it finally seems the Fev-show has closed for business on Australian shores. Perhaps the showman has seen his last days as an AFL footballer and will now pursue a lucrative deal in the NFL. For the last decade Fevola has simultaneously thrilled and disappointed, appauled and inspired. Not many players can boast such a contradictory reputation.

For all of Fev’s childish antics, his health should remain the number one concern. Yet, not necessarily a major concern for the Brisbane football club. In hindsight, Michael Voss and his wise team made the blunder of the century in believing that Fev would carry more fruits than a loyal good-citizen in Daniel Bradshaw. The Lions owe no loyalty to Brendan. As Fevola very well knows, a punt doesn’t always come off. Sometimes it is sensible to move on and forget.

How should Fevola be remembered? Should he be hailed as a flawed champion? A game-breaker? Or should he just be described as another footballer who toiled with us and ultimately wasted our time- a “waste of talent”?

He is in-fact all these things. Fevola was like four seasons in one match- hot, cold, cold… and hot again. How many times did we hear gleeful Carlton supporters say,”If Fevola turns it on we are within a shot”. His departure from the Navy Blues divided the Carlton tribe and the footballing world in general.

Fevola’s seemingly finished career is not a tragedy but a disappointment. Fevola was more than an entertainer. He was a showman in the truest sense. He wasn’t a part of the act but was the act that we all paid to see on a wintery Melbourne night. Like the great Matthew Richardson, we felt like we intimately knew and understood Fevola when he was out on the footy field. His erratic childish dramas was just part of the Fev charm. He could suck you in and spit you right out in just two hours of footy.

A controversial exit for a sportsman is not new and never will be. In the near future, another frustrating and lovable sportsman will be terminated abruptly from their sport. Would he or she be casted as a “wasted talent”?

Most definitely.


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