All roads lead…

All roads lead to the mightiest of all stadiums. Just as the gladiators fought and scrapped for their lives in-front of a futile Roman crowd, two old foes will battle it out on the Melbourne colosseum for the most precious prize of all- the Ashes Urn.

Nearly three months ago, Melbournians witnessed an epic and riveting encounter between Collingwood and St Kilda in the AFL Grand Final. Two sides demonstrated overwhelming desperation and skill. A few players stood out from the trying pack and it was the efforts of these elite few that forced a Grand Final sequel and eventually the cup into Collingwood’s hands.

On Boxing Day, perhaps the most anticipated day on Melbourne’s sporting-fest calender, players will perform Herculean-like deeds and others will suffocate under the intense MCG lights. Reputations will be fortified and reputations will be broken.

Australian spectators tend not to rate any player unless they perform in front of their judging eyes. It is a harsh but unique Australian trait.

Day one at the mighty G’ is expecting a record crowd, in excess of 90,000 cricket followers. Doubt lingers over Ponting’s fractured finger. Don’t expect Punta to miss out on the Boxing Day Test which has been a pleasant hunting ground for him throughout his illustrious career. After the dramatic and extreme Australian turn around, the on-field intensity will reach a whole new intoxicating level as the holy-grail in Test cricket is at stake.


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