Marvellous KP

Kevin Pietersen plundered his way to his first double century against Australia and fourth Ashes century. Pietersen’s rare ability to dominate and dictate an attack was on wonderful display on another bleak day for the Australians.

While current Test greats such as Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar and Jacque Kallis have the records and performances to support their claims as the most dominant batsmen of the last decade, Pietersen perhaps boasts the most talent of them all. Often KP’s contagious and unique ego denies him reaching his full potential. Like the colourful characters of the past, Pieteren’s problem is that he simply doesn’t rate some bowlers. That is why perhaps, today’s entertaining and ruthless knock is even more impressive. Surely KP must have thought he was playing grade cricket when Xavier Doherty was bowling his little tweekers. Without sounding condescending to Doherty, his strength is his heart but lacks much else. He only has the stock left arm off-spin delivery in his weaponry. He fails to vary his pace and to worry the most accomplished batsmen. Perhaps, this is the difference between the two sides. England enjoys an elite spin bowler who can break partnerships in the first innings and dominate in the last, while, Australia endures a defensive and non-threatening spinner who struggles to tie down an end.

We may be witnessing a maturing Kevin Pietersen who will at least pretend that he rates the opposition. Like all elite players in the world, Pietersen lives for the special and telling moments. If today is any indication, Pietersen may have just found the levelled temperament to reach similar consistent heights to that of his rivals.


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