Public transport to get worse

Experts predict the new 38 soon-to-be installed trains will fail to solve Melbourne’s crowded and unsatisfactory public transport service.

The Victorian Government’s two billion dollar investment on new trains is tipped to ease the pain for commuters for no more than five years.

Melbourne’s trains are estimated to be 40% overloaded in peak hours.

Professor Graham Currie, Chair of Public Transport Monash University, believes the 38 new trains will only keep pace with the upward growth rate in Melbourne for the next five years.

“We are going to spend two billion dollars to get us nowhere,” he said.

Professor Currie admits while this investment alone won’t be enough to fix the transportation system, it’s important to commend the State Government’s investment.

“This investment is both essential and impressive because it’s one of the biggest investments we have ever had,” he said.

Daniel Bowen, spokesperson for Public Transport Users’ Association, believes the State Government could have more effectively managed the overcrowding in trains.

“They scrapped a lot of the older Hitachi trains, and if they kept them and put them in storage, we wouldn’t have this problem now with so much overcrowding on the trains,” he said.

According to the latest quarterly public transport performance bulletin, 83.3% of metropolitan trains arrive on time and patronage satisfaction is in significant decline.


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