Brownlow Medal shock

On footy’s night of nights, Dane Swan… no he didn’t win. The little Champ Gary Ablett fell short. Hodge struggled to poll and even Adam Goodes, the perennial vote getter, wasn’t to be seen in the major vote getters.

The 2010 Brownlow Medalist was Chris Judd. He is only the fourth player in history to win a Brownlow Medal at two different clubs.

Judd’s explosiveness and match winning ability was a feature to his game. But this year he has had an average year for his lofty standards. He has developed into a purely inside player who provides all the grunt work for the Carlton Football Club. His precision by foot has declined as a result.

Swan leaves the night empty handed but with the thought of a Premiership in mind. Ablett leaves with a ticket to the Gold Coast.

For the average punter and maybe even for the average player, the validity of this historic award must be questioned. The MVP award is slowly surpassing the Brownlow Medal.

To his credit, Chris Judd showed wonderful gratitude and, like us all, shock.


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