Who’s better: Geelong or Brisbane

As Geelong enter another finals campaign in search for their third Premiership, the question of who is better is an appropriate one. Geelong or the champion Brisbane Lions team of 2001-2004. As it stands the Lions won 3 premierships in 4 Grand Finals and today’s Cats have won 2 premierships in 3 Grand Finals. Geelong boast a superior winning percentage over the home and away seasons but Brisbane have won when it counts most.

Both back-lines and midfields have superstars across the board with class mixed with tough and uncompromising characters. The names of Max Rooke, the Scott brothers, Joel Selwood and Michael Voss all have toughness as their greatest trait.

At their peak, the Lions bullied opponents like no other with physical intimidation. The “Nick Riewoldt incident” typified Brisbane’s near innate ability to beat opponents into submission. Geelong intimidate opposition with their swift and devastating ball movement. Geelong have the ability like no other where they can pile on 5 goals in 10 minutes.

What divides these power house teams is simply the forward line. The Lions’ key position forwards are far superior to that of Geelongs’. Lynch and Jonathan Brown verse Cam Mooney and Tom Hawkins. Mooney provides Geelong with an honest effort with a ‘team’ first mentality. While Lynch had the ability to take a devastating mark and crash the packs that would leave opponents groggy long afterwards. Furthermore, big Jonathan Brown is a proven match winner with “Carey-like” ability to turn the game on his own. Geelong’s only classy forwards are their smalls; Steve Johnson and Paul Chapman. Yet Brisbane also had Jason Akermanis (Brownlow Medalist) who back in the early 2000’s, had wonderful speed and goal kicking ability.

Both sides will go down in history as the all time greats. The proof is in the pudding though, Brisbane by just.


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