Cricket tragedy

Another  match-fixing claim and another blow to the state of  Test Match cricket. Sadly, Pakistan cricket is just as futile and fragile as the nation itself. Up to seven Pakistan cricketers face expulsion from the game and at worst the death sentence because of claims that players were instructed to bowl “no-balls” at specific times by an illegal bookmaker. Yet what is tragically missed in the controversy is  young bowler sensation, Mohammad Amir’s depressing predicament. A lack of support network, unity and leadership results in a promising 18 year old boy’s career seemingly destroyed or in doubt. How can an 18 year old be blamed for the disgraceful situation Pakistan and world cricket is in? While everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions, the blame should be focused more on the Pakistan Cricket Board and senior players’ inability to educate and lead young impressionable players like Amir in a responsible and dilligent manner. The never-ending controversy in cricket continues.


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