Cousins’ Farewell Game

Ben Cousins was chaired off infront of 37,000 Richmond fans, who have forever been in search for a hero. In the last two years, ‘Cuz’ has been that hero for many suffering Tiger fans. At the end of 2007, he left West Coast with his reputation, career and life in shatters. At the end of 2010, he leaves the Richmond Football Club and the game with admiration and respect from the wider football community and in particular, the Tiger faithful who embraced him at his lowest ebb. Such ‘Tiger love’ is kept for Club champions like Jack Dyer and Matthew Richardson, yet Cuz’s contagious nature sees him sitting at the top with fellow Tiger greats with only 32 games played for the club. Whereas the West Coast Eagles collect their first wooden spoon and seem destined for more bleaks years ahead. Such is life.

One thought on “Cousins’ Farewell Game

  1. Yeah I think you’re spot on collo in emphasising what a great moment it was not only for Cousins, but also for the Richmond footy club. Whether or not people like the player himself, you just can’t fault how the club has handled him and given him a chance to redeem himself. Even though I’m not a tiges supporter I can empathise with the fans, who’ve badly needed a great player to fill the gap left by richo. Cousins definitely played that role, which will certainly help the footy club get through the next 4-5 years.

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